Krav Maga Newcastle Instructor


Class/Location – Newcastle

Service offered – Classes, Seminars – Personal Training

Training Nights 

Monday – Thursday

Specialist Qualifications

Paul Vunak Progressive fighting systems – Instructor

Full Instructor Jeet Kune Do

Full Instructor Kali

Graduate Krav Maga Instructor – British Krav Maga Association

Military Krav Maga Instructor – British Krav Maga Association

Certified Instructor Kickboxing 2nd Dan

Certified Instructor – Mountain Leader – British Army

Contact number 0785 4697 580

Contact HERE

Krav Maga Newcastle is run by BKMA Graduate Instructor Jeff Hollows. Jeff has a training cv going back to 1994 where he began training as a junior through traditional Martial Arts route.   Whilst in the Army Jeff trained as a surveillance and target acquisition specialist working in hostile environments internationally.
In 2007 Jeff joined the British Army where he trained in Mauy Thai later training in Thailand with Phuket Top Team. On leaving the Army,  Jeff attended the British Krav Maga Association Instructor Certification and successfully completed 20 days Krav Maga Instructor Training.
Whilst in the Britsh Army Jeff also trained in the Gracie Survival Tactics, A military/Law Enforcement version of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  In 2015 Jeff progressed on to the certified Military Instructor course run by the Association for Instructors with active military experience.
During this period Jeff qualified as a full JKD Instructor under Paul Vunac’s Progressive Fighting System and later with adaptive Martial concepts. Jeff is a highly experienced Instructor with quiet unassuming manner who fosters a friendly training environment for people of all abilities.